Michael Morrill


The luminous and atmospheric paintings and prints of SHADOWwork represent a time of exploration and experimentation with digital imaging. The compositions for SHADOWwork were digitally constructed from a collection of shadow images photographed in the late 1990’s. The elongated distortions and diffused edges of transitory shadow shapes and patterns echoed an evolving, abstracted lyricism during this period. The painting Burn, from 2005, faithfully expresses its original digital arrangement while others, i.e. Kugelblitz, 2005-2011, mutated over time during prolonged painting sessions. 

In 2002, Artists Image Resource, a Pittsburgh based alternative print and imaging organization, offered the opportunity to collaboratively integrate digital imaging with orthodox printmaking techniques. Two suites of digitally composed prints emerged from the AIR project titled Shadow Series and Rorschach Shadow Trilogy.

Grouped by four different print methods and sub-titled Landscape, Architecture, Sky, and Vermont, the Shadow Series prints linger as a meditation on evolution and memory. The Rorschach Shadow Trilogy screen prints are digital fusions of shadow and symmetry, created in deference to Pittsburgh native and icon, Andy Warhol.

Shadowwork Paintings

Shadow series

rorschach Shadow Trilogy