Michael Morrill

Blue Series: 2015-2018

The paintings and digital prints of the Blue Series continue an engagement with the chromatic nuances of blue and the ethereal properties of gilding with traditional and electronic media.  The paintings fuse different hues and values of blue with surfaces of gold leaf.  The digital prints are photographs of interior shadow patterns electronically colorized with ultramarine blue, paired with photographs of gold leaf.

Michael Morrill speaks about his work in this short film produced by Seraphin Gallery in Philadelphia, PA.

Blue Series: Paintings


Blue Series: Supersymmetry Digital Prints

2016, 12 x 4.5 in. (printed on 28 x 21 in. Hahnemuhle Fine Art Bamboo Paper)


Blue Series: After the Portal Project

The Blue Series is an outgrowth from paintings created for a collaborative, multimedia, installation project titled Portal.  The four paintings designed for Portal are abstract representations of the equinox and solstice days. The binary palette of blue and gold leaf was sourced from a reproduction of Simone Martini’s Annunciation, painted by Nicholas Lochoff in the early 20th century.  The separations of light and dark in the Portal paintings, created with gilding and values of ultramarine blue, are seen as poetic translations of astronomical events that occur in the physical world in contrast to an image of piety and the supernatural.  Photographs of sections of gold leaf from the Martini reproduction appear in the Blue Series SuperSymmetry digital prints.


The Annunciation: after Simone Martini


75 in L x 73 ¼ in W

Painted after Simone Martini's The Annuniciation (1333), originally the central panel of the alterpeice of the chapel of Sant'Ansano in the Cathedral of Siena. The paiting depits the angel Gabriel annoucing to Mary "Ave, gratia plena, dominus tecum" (Luke 1:28), or "Hail, thou art full of grace, the lord is with thee." The background is gilded gesso, a feature that would give way to realistic settings later in the Renaissance. Learn More >